Eye of the Crow & The Boy Sherlock Holmes Series

In the dead of night, in London’s East End in the foggy spring of 1867, a woman is murdered and left in a pool of blood. No one sees the gruesome crime take place … except two crows. With only that knowledge in hand, an unhappy but brilliant 13-year-old boy named Sherlock Holmes seeks out and discovers more evidence. His investigation grows and within weeks he ingeniously deduces who committed the grisly act. But the violent consequences of his involvement are almost more than he can bear.
   Thus begins the thrilling series “The Boy Sherlock Holmes,” by Shane Peacock, the first-ever account of the childhood adventures of the world’s greatest detective.

   “Eye of the Crow,” appearing in September 2007, starts readers at the very beginning, telling the tale of the boy’s star-crossed parents, his difficult upbringing, and his dramatic first case. By the spring of 2008 a second book will appear (investigate on the internet to see if you can find its title). Rumours are swirling that a third will be published later that year, and a fourth in 2009, each recounting young Sherlock Holmes' encounters with some of the cleverest and most dangerous villains who ever prowled the streets of Victorian London, long before he became known around the world. These are the untold stories!

   Keep checking this site for news of upcoming books and other “Boy Sherlock Holmes” events and information.

Awards for The Boy Sherlock Holmes series:

Eye of the Crow: The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His First Case
- Winner, The Violet Downey Award
- Winner, The Arthur Ellis Award for Crime Fiction
- Winner, Moonbeam Award Gold Medal
- Canadian Library Association Children's Book of the Year, Honour Book
- Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book of the Year, Honour Book
- TD Canadian Children's Literature Prize finalist
- Nautilus Award (U.S.), Silver Winner
- Manitoba Young Readers' Choice, 2009, shortlist
- Junior Library Guild of America Premier Selection 2007
- An American Library Association Top Ten Youth Mystery
- An Ontario Library Association Top Ten Junior Fiction
- Short-listed for the Hackmatack Readers’ Choice Award
- A Quill & Quire Book of the Year
- An Ontario Library Association Top Ten Young Adult Book

Death in the Air: The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His Second Case

- Junior Library Guild of America Premier Selection 2008

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